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The 10 Steps to Creating an Ideal Relationship

If it hadn’t been for you and your wonderful book, I would never have been able to create the ideal relationship I now enjoy. Straight away, I began to put into practice everything you recommended in the book. A few months later, this wonderful man walked into the art gallery where I was working, bought a picture and thus began our idyllic relationship. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me create my ideal relationship.’
Beatrice Brandt. Art Gallery Manager

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ideal relationshipAn Extraordinary Gift

I identified 100% as soon as I started reading it…found the book very comforting, like the kind of thing a wise elder would pass onto me – advice my mother would never have been able to give me in my adolescent years. I feel that this piece of work is brilliant for two reasons – one, it’s a great story, funny, entertaining, real and realistic. Two, it holds thousands of pounds worth of life coaching/counselling/therapy – it could take a good 10 years to acquire an understanding of relationship-emotional-intelligence as detailed in this book.’
Maria Contreras - Nia Teacher & Motivational Speaker

‘I am very impressed with Catherine’s novella and the subsequent Workbook. She has dovetailed the two elements seamlessly and with great clarity. All women will relate to the story and all women will benefit from using the Workbook. A good relationship does not just fall from the trees, and I suspect that Catherine has drawn from her own experiences to give others the benefit of her hindsight on the subject. Many, many thanks for that.’
Suzanna Marland – Singer/Songwriter

‘It held my interest throughout and I find it extremely helpful to apply the principles to myself and my life. Some of the wisdom teachings are so expertly woven into the story line that I found it both surprising and thought provoking. The accompanying Workbook has been very helpful and I have enjoyed doing the exercises. I am constantly thinking about what I’ve learned. Definitely something every woman will benefit from reading, as it is so enjoyable, as well as instructive.’
Shirlei Zen – Fair Trade Representative, Valencia, Spain

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ideal relationshipAn Extraordinary Gift - Work Book

'I really enjoyed reading this book very much. It reminded me of a relationship version of The Money Secret. I love the Major and Supporting Choice concept. Overall, a very easy read and straightaway I wanted to do the exercises, so that obviously had the desired effect on me. An Extraordinary Gift Workbook is a great bonus.'
Maria Davies, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker

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Catherine C PalmerAbout Catherine C Palmer
Catherine began her career with one of the UK’s leading recruitment consultants. Later she became a tutor in Practical Philosophy, then trained in Stress Management in Switzerland and Florida. She has, for a number of years, been a successful counselor in Relationships and Stress, coaching both individuals and groups. Her guide to creating an ideal relationship is available as an e-learning book.
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